The Weather in Wexford

In Ireland the sun shines. Sometimes for weeks on end and it is glorious.
It does also rain too. That is what keeps the country green, the air clear, and the skies stunning and makes way for the rainbows!

Make use of the sunshine as it comes and experience the jewel like colors of the hedgerows and the myriad of greens, blues and yellows across the countryside.

County Wexford and the South East coast has the sunniest weather in Ireland and a sliver that includes Wexford Beach Homes yet the sunniest again. We actually get statistically more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the country.

Temperatures during the summer months and from the end of May through to August range from 16 °C up to 25 °C. The evenings are usually mild and warm. In the middle of September while the temperature does drop, glorious days of sunshine are still to be found.

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