The Lightfoots – Simon, Joe, Gary and Laura

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The Lightfoots – Simon, Joe, Gary and Laura

Hi Mary, Sorry we had to rush off yesterday. We tried phoning the ferry co. and could not make out whether or not the ferry was going from Rosslare,so we had to go early to give us time to go to the other port if need be. We wanted to thank you Mary for the lovely welcome you gave us, and staying in your house was a holiday in itself, you have made it beautiful, also the area is so nice, that lovely beach, and of course we had good weather, it was more like visiting a relative you make it so personal we all think you are such a nice person, so a big THANK YOU for a really lovely holiday. We shall most certainly be coming to Ireland again and could not stay anywhere else but in your holiday home,we are off to Australia in December to stay with our daughter and family over Christmas, Dave only has four weeks holiday in a year so that will be taking up almost two years of his holiday, but we will see you again as soon as we can. Thank you once again Mary,and hope to see you in the future, All our very best wishes to you and your husband. Lots of love to you Chris, Dave and Donna xx

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