Ravens Wood Picnic

Just inside the entrance to Ravens Wood are picnic tables beside a group of small ponds.

This spot is an easily accessible picnic area to bring all the family. It is just behind the beach where Steven Spielberg filmed “Saving Private Ryan”.

The triumphant yellow Gorse you see around the picnic tables is one of the reasons why more of the film was not shot in Ireland. Gorse is not found in Normandy where the film was set and the exuberant yellow of the Wexford hedgerows could not be disguised as the filming moved to inland scenes.

Ravens WoodRavens Wood borders The North Slob and The Wexford Wild Fowl Reserve. The centre is free, fun for children and interesting for adults.

A pictorial history of the Slobs is found in the Reserve describing its development from grants being offered by the British Parliament in 1840 to reclaim Irish land from the sea to the completion of the project in 1867.

An example of a Long Barrelled Gun used for shooting wild sea birds from punts in the estuary hangs on the wall. This is the “Long Barrelled Gun of the Sea”. It was famed in Wexford ballads for being used by the rebels against the soldiers of Cromwell in 1798.

The Wildlife Reserve has several Hides and an observation tower for watching the thousand of birds that graze on the Sloblands or feed on the rich pickings in the mud flats in the estuary.

The North Slobs is one of the most important wintering sites for Greenland White Fronted Geese and a few stragglers may be seen hanging around in the Summer too snug to head back to Greenland in March and April.

During their annual trip to Ireland the Geese fly a distance of over 300Km and during their flight often rise to an altitude of over 2 miles.

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