Food & Cooking

We love our Food and your cottage is situated in one of the most agriculturally rich areas of Ireland – Let us organise the food for you!

If you want to relax with family in the evenings without the hassle of cooking for an evening – Let us look after you.

Our food is prepared with attention, flair and above all the personality of a family that have been cooking in the area for eleven generations. Why.? Because our family has been loving and living the food for generations. We are as passionate in preparing our own family food as we are in preparing it for our guests. Its something we love to share.

If you want us to organise food for you, deliver to your cottage you can download see our food section for menus and more information on preparation.

If you would like food left into the house for you and family just let us know. Equally if you are staying with is for a family re-union we will look after you.

Having fun and cooking for yourself

Our food is the food we as a family have been eating and loving for generations. Roasted fillet of Corrigans grass fed beef with sage potatoes. We’re not complicated.!

You will find our own recipe book in your house prepared from a 180 years of our own family recipes’. In each recipe we show you where to go to buy the best of produce to cook. Don’t worry nowhere is more than a 20 minute drive.!

Our family has been farmers for eight generations – and we know the care and effort that goes into top quality produce. You will not find any experiential riche. Just the best of local produce cooked in the way our family have been cooking it for generations. From a local Kerr Pink potato with country butter to piece of fresh halibut from Kilmore roasted in the oven with herbs from our own garden.

If you are cooking for you and family please feel free to use our herb bed or ask for anything specific you might need.

Our Own Apple orchard

As part of our farm we have a mature apple orchard. The varieties in our orchard are a mix of some of the very old Irish varieties and some of the old English varieties from Somerset such as Kingston black and Severn bank maidens. While we do make our own cider you only have to ask if you would like some apples.

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