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Mary Colbert, Managing Director

Relax, unwind and enjoy the beach.

Walk in the morning beach sun or evening light

We are 10 minute walk to Morriscastle Beach and close to miles of other dune-fringed beaches. The beach is ideal for miles of walking by the sea.

Walk through the Wheat Fields of our Wheat Farm

Our cottages adjoin our own wheat fields.  If you are planning to come from April through the end of August – A private walk through the wheat in spring when it is vibrant green or in summer when it is turning gold.  There is a gorgeous view of the Sea from across the wheat fields and if you catch the sun early in the morning or at sun set its quite magical and peaceful.  Take the little ones to our Hags playgrounds and swings while relaxing at our water garden

All facilities are no more than a two-minute walk from your cottage including our Hags playgrounds and astro-turf tennis courts.   If you want to relax while keeping an eye on the little ones in the playground you can do so from our water garden.


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