Our Gardens

At Wexford Beach Homes we know that enjoying the warm summer weather with the closeness of the beach is a lovely experience.

You will find all our gardens nicely lushly landscaped with privacy. If you are coming in a family group please feel free to ask us for adjoining gardens.

All our gardens are enclosed if you are travelling with little ones. There is comfortable garden furniture and also plenty of space to eat outside, relax or simply keep an eye on little ones in the sunshine.

There is a BBQ in the garden if you want to eat out with family in the warm summer weather. The BBQ’s are charcoal and charcoal can be bought in the local super market.

If you are cooking out with family and friends we would highly recommend the local butchers beef at Corrigans. It is grass fed heifer beef and is hung for 21 days. We have not been able to find beef like it anywhere in the country.

If you’re coming for a week we would highly recommend you ask him to set aside some of his Rib Eye beef. If you prefer a leaner cut his fillet is equally as good.

If you would like some apple wood from our own orchard for the BBQ please feel free to ask. We have it most of the year around after pruning’s. It can add a unique flavor if your cooking outside.

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