The Dunes

Special Features of the beach

Morriscastle BeachThe Dunes are a special feature of Morriscastle Beach. To the south of The Gateway beyond Rusk River the dune system widens into acres of marram grass and valleys and hills of sand.  The dune system is growing along this stretch and you can see how the baby dunes begin .The area is full of Stone chats and Larks soaring in the sky -the Stonechats taking their name from the sound they make like two stones being rubbed together.

Flowers of the Dunes

The dunes are laced with delicate wildflowers. Walking through these sandy hills and valleys the air is perfumed by the spicy scent of ‘Lady’s Bed Straw’.  This plant was used in making bedding in earlier times because of its scent. You will find fragrant Evening Primrose a small yellow flowered plant famed for its medicinal uses. Heartsease, used in medieval time as a cure for a broken heart, is easily found!!Other wild flowers such as Vetches, Hawkweed, Sea Holly and Birds Trefoil carpet the floor of the valleys and in places entire areas are covered with wild thyme which releases a heady perfume if it is trodden underfoot. Heartease and Evening Primrose photos small and identified.
In your cottage you will find a guide to the Wild Flowers of Ireland which will help to identify the flowers and plants.

Butterflies of the Dunes

Dune Butterflies are always about in summer but Red Admiral, and the more selective Common Blue, which only flies in sunshine, and the Gatekeeper ,which flies in July and August can be seen flying velvetly through the air.  Photo  Find a butterfly from one mentioned

The peace of the Dunes

The area is pocketed with small hollows, totally sheltered. The perfect place to bring a book and be undisturbed for hours with only the distant sound of the waves the song of the skylarks to disturb you.

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