Morriscastle Beach

Getting There

Morriscastle Beach is the closest beach to your cottage. It is a Blue Flag beach just a 10 minute walk or a two minute drive away. A boardwalk leads through the Gateway to the beach.


Morriscastle BeachThe beach has a life guard service from June through to September.
Just before the car park Lawlors is an iconic summer shop and a café which has homemade ice cream and pizza and superb coffee. The shop has everything you will need for a lazy hazy day at the sea side from an unusual bottle of wine to sun cream and flippers! It is open all summer and at weekends up to November.

The Beach

The sand on Morriscastle is fine, deep and silvery with a deep sheltering dune system but close to the shore there is a band of sand almost always firm and ideal for walking. It is possible to walk all the way to Curracloe to the south and to Cahore Point to the North.

It is a perfect place to fly a kite on a summer’s day and watch it soar towards the clouds in a changing sky.  In your cottage you will find a kite for both older and younger enthusiasts. Flying a kite is wonderful fun for all ages.

For Families

With small children

The dunes to the right of the entry Gateway are high and wide and immediately on the right is a sand bank, huge yet safe and quite a magical place for small children to run, tumble and roll from its sandy summit.

Just to the right of the Gateway the sea often forms small lagoons along the shore making idyllic warm safe ponds for children to play in summer.

With older Children

Turn to the left of the Gateway and in the distance a very high dune is clearly visible .This huge sand bank is 18 metres tall and provides a sand “piste” for the older children. Many families have christened with it their own name because of the special times they have spent there. In Wexford Beach Homes we call it Rooney’s Hill. It is ideal for older children. The climb to the top is a challenge and the roll to the bottom is stupendous.
At its base is a stream which flows into the sand and this stream is the best place for crab fishing!! We provide lines and nets in your cottage all you need to bring is the fatty bacon much loved by the crabs.  They also like smoked bacon and chicken!!
Turn to the right at the Gateway and a short walk brings you to Rusk River. In summer  the river rarely flows directly across the beach but meanders along in a pattern that changes every day .For  families with older children it provides an adventure playground. Bleached timber and stones can be turned into bridges towers and sculptures in the sparkling water.

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