Cahore Beach

Getting There

Cahore is about a 45 minute walk North from Morriscastle beach or a 15 minute drive from your cottage.


Cahore itself is a gorgeous little harbour with lovely views to Wicklow Head. If walking to Cahore there are steps up the cliff  at Newtown Beach and then a simple path to walk to the top of the cliff at Cahore. The path is rather narrow and steep so care is needed. There is good car parking  at Cahore

The Strand Bar

The Strand Bar at Cahore commands sweeping views over the sea to Wicklow Head. It is a most pleasant pub to visit. Sit outside and watch the sea gulls soar into the sky against a stunning backdrop or sip a pint of Guiness and watch the changing sea through the picture windows inside the bar.

Cahore Beach

The Beach

The Beach at Cahore is quite shingly but a good place to beach comb.Shells and beautiful stones can be found in abundance.

For Families

Crab Fishing

The Pier in Cahore is a renowned place for families to fish for crabs. The resident crabs are resigned to being caught and a Faustian Pact seems to have been struck whereby the crabs give themselves up easily for strips of streaky bacon if they are returned to the rightful place in the sea straight after.

We have lines and nets in the cottages for you but you will need to buy your own bait. The crabs are very fond of a nice piece of bacon

A little History

The sea off Cahore has been the scene of many ship wrecks the most famous was The Irrawaddy in 1856. The Irrawaddy a cargo ship was bound from Glasgow to Rangoon in Burma. It struck the Blackwater Bank. The Captain and 13 crew were saved but 4 sailors were lost at sea.

The Schooner Pub for a Guinness

If you are returning home in the evening the Schooner pub in Ballygarret is full of old world Wexford charm and has a fantastic pint of Guiness. You can sit out on the porch and watch the Wexford summer wind past.

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