Ballinesker Beach

Getting there

Ballinesker BeachBallinesker is the beach where Steven Spielberg shot the film “Saving Private Ryan” in 1997.
To walk to Ballinesker from Morriscastle along the beach will take about 2. 5 hours. Driving will takes just under 20 minutes which is a lovely drive up the coast road particularly in the summer when the wheat is readying for harvest. The colours are quite beautiful.

The deep dune system of Morriscastle returns in Ballinesker and as it is one of the only beaches in North Wexford where the road runs parallel to the beach.

It is easily accessible for older people. The disadvantage is it is a little more difficult to find an isolated spot on sunny Summer Sundays. It is a noted beach for bird watching and its fine white sand is rich in seashells.

De Paolo Restaurant in the evening near the beach

Ballinesker BeachIf you reach Ballinesker in the evening da Paola is a very warm very friendly restaurant with sustaining rustic Italian food. It is open every evening in Summer months except Monday.
If you are coming in the Autumn you will need to call the restaurant directly for opening times.

Some natural Beach history

Ballinesker Beach - Oyster CatcherA trip to Ballinesker can be made more interesting by extending the day to include a visit to The Wild Fowl Reserve sanctuary just a few miles further beyond Castlebridge where the special geological and wild life features of the beach are explained in the interpretative centre. The Wild Fowl Reserve is a fun place for children with bird hides to watch the birds and an assortment of quirky ducks and fowl to feed.

Some ancient Beach history

Ballinesker Beach HistoryDuring a building development at Ballinesker in 1990 a hoard of gold ornaments were discovered. The Gold dress fasteners, a gold bracelet and other fine gold ornaments including a most modern looking pair of earrings or ear spools found are now on display in the National Museum. The find was dated to 700BC – the late Bronze Age – 2712 years ago.

The ornaments are part of the permanent gold exhibition in The National Museum. This is a fabulous exhibition of the most important gold collections in Western Europe. The museum is part of a 19th century tree shaded building beside Dail Eireann – and worth a visit if you are in Dublin.

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