Wexford Beaches

Our special guide to the local Beaches

Experience the wonder of the unspoiled beaches of our locality.

At Wexford Beach Homes we have lived and loved these beaches for generations.

Pass through their gateways of marram grass in the dunes and you enter a different world. The skies open and the sand stretches to the horizon in a wide gold band patterned by the advancing and retreating waves.

The dunes are sheltering, the sounds of the waves soothing and the wind rippling through the soft grasses of the sand banks creates its own green waves parallel to those of the sea.

Gorgeous beach gateways

Entry onto the beaches in North Wexford is through “Gateways” in the dunes at roughly 4 mile intervals. Each little road east from the coast road leads from a little village to one of these gateways and through them onto beaches each with a different character.

All of these beaches are linked by walking along the shore.

Our guide to the beaches of North Wexford is a simple description of the closest beaches to your cottage identifying special areas for families and areas of general interest. It gives an outline of some of the more interesting birds flowers, shells found on the shore and surrounding sand banks as well as a little history of the coast to add to the interest of walking along the shore and through the dunes.

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