There are many beautiful walks in Morriscastle and the surrounding areas hear are a few suggestions that we may help you and that other guests have enjoyed. These walks are enjoyable all season around as the beautiful landscape change.

Beach walks at Morriscastle and the surrounding area.

Cahore beach walk

  • Turn left at Beach continue until you meet rocks and cliff. Clamber up landside of the cliff and continue along cliff top to Cahore. This takes about an hour and is quite beautiful.
  • The Strand Bar is at the top of cliff offering a great pint of Guinness and some good fresh seafood if you need a break.!
  • Instead of clambering up the cliff look for the entrance in sand banks to the left. This will bring you up to a small road. It is possible to walk along this road to Cahore keeping to the right. About 1.25 hours one way.
  • Cahore is well worth a visit and is a quaint old Irish village. Again the Schooner pub in the centre of the village is an old Irish traditional pub, well worth a visit.

The Blackwater stroll and ‘National Heritage’ area

  • Turn right on the beach at Morriscastle through the wandering dunes. There is a stream crossing beach. You will need boots or make a bridge out of what is available. Acres of sand dunes have been created on the land side and have created a microclimate in the dunes. It is full of wild flowers in spring. Quite beautiful.
  • Further along the mud cliffs are home to a rare pink orchid. Along this stretch of beach the ‘Little Tern’ also comes from Sierra Leone to lay its eggs. They look just like the stones on the beach. It is one of the few places in Europe where it still nests.!
  • This area is a ‘National Heritage Area’. To the right the modern white house on the banks belongs to Charlie Haughey. Charlie Haughey was a former Taoiseach of Ireland and also the leader of Irelands largest political party Fina Fail. At the next stream look out for an entrance on the right. It takes you onto a road that will bring you back into Kilmuckridge Village. Keep right on that road.
  • Look out for a gate on the left with a cross. In that field is a very old graveyard. There is trace of a path to the right of that field which leads to a holy well Saint Mocanoghs. The water is supposed to be an ancient cure for warts (maybe blisters!) but it is a peaceful place with a seat. Continue to the right and you are back in Kilmuckridge.
  • The Round trip takes about 2.5 hours.
  • Sean Ogs has good bar food up to 7pm if you’re feeling hungry.

Oulart historical walk

  • Drive to Oulart about 5miles. To get there take the car and drive back to the R741. Turn left here and take 2 nd turn right. Just after this there is a church and a small lane.
  • Drive up to car park and park the car.
  • Start the climb up the hill. It is a great vantage point. At top of hill is a monument to 1798 battle.
  • Continue by walking to right through the pretty little wood and back down to the car.

These are only a number of suggestions. If you would like any help or advice please feel free to ask us.

A little bit further afield try:

The beauty of ‘Raven Wood’ and secluded beach

  • This walk is highly recommended if you decide on it.
  • Drive through Kilmuckridge to Blackwater and then on to Curracloe. Turn left in Curracloe and take your first right. This will bring you to ‘Raven Wood’.
  • Walk right through the wood to Raven Point. It is very beautiful and you can see Wexford across the estuary. It is about 45 minutes one way.
  • You pass the South Slob on the right as you go down. It is the place where the Brent Geese migrate from Iceland each year.
  • If you manage to catch them take off all together it is very exciting. They go over a period of 3 days back to Greenland.
  • After 3km, the main track turns sharply, however, you follow the grassy track to the barrier where views over the Harbor, Rosslare and Mount Leinster will take your breath away.
  • Follow the path to your left, keeping your eyes peeled for waders or grey seals dipping in and out of the water. Don’t venture onto the sand banks as there are quick sands and the possibility of being caught by the incoming tide.
  • On reaching the end of Raven Point, you then walk along Curracloe Beach, which stretches for 15km along glorious golden sands. Walk up the beach, taking to the woods for a short distance where a deep channel prevents walking on the sand. Watch out for orchids, Helleborine and Wintergreen around your feet, and you may spot the natterjack toad if you’re lucky, too.
  • At the end of the tree-planted area, a boardwalk brings you back to the Car Park. Looking north, you can catch a glimpse of how the area may have looked without man’s intervention all those years ago.
  • It is possible to walk all the way along the beach back to Morriscastle if you want. It takes about 4 to 5 hours. If you decide to drive go back on the R742 towards Wexford. Be sure to stop in ‘The Riverside’ if you do. Again they do very fine seafood and snacks and a good pint of Guinness.

Demense Wood and the Marlfield House culinary delight

  • The Demense Woods just outside Courtown are lovely too and
  • Near to demesne is Marlfield House. If you love your food this is an absolute must although this is reflected in the prices. They do arrange of French and modern Irish cuisine. The wine list is second to none.
  • As a suggestion they do have an early bird from 6.30 to 7.30 pm menu which is also excellent and a little less expensive than full dinner. For reservations please feel free to ask us to make one for you or alternatively they can be reached at (055) 9121124.

Mount Leinster for the active walkers

  • Mount Leinster is about a 40 minute drive through Bunclody. It is possible to park and walk right to the top.
  • This one is tough enough about 1 hour plus depending on your pace. The views from the summit are however breathtaking and take in the beautiful landscape across the South EaSaint
  • If you are feeling peckish after the walk Bunclody has ‘The Chancery’ Restaurant which is self service but has good food in an interesting old restored Presbyterian Building.

Some other suggestions

The lost Village of Saint Mullins

  • Take the New Ross road from Enniscorthy. About 12 miles watch out for sign to Saint Mullins. A little lost village but it is possible to walk to from there to Graignamanagh along the River Barrow. In Graignamanagh there is a nice restaurant The Waterside which does simple but good lunch. We have seen a Kingfisher along the river on several occasions.
  • In the same area in Inistigoe Woodstock House has lovely restored gardens and wooded walks.
  • ‘Altamount’ are beautiful gardens around an old Victorian House. Just off the road from Bunclody to Carlow. Again watch out for the sign. It is a lovely short walk around the gardens and if you want a longer walk go right through the woods to the Slaney River.

The Wicklow Hills and Glendalough

  • Walking in the Wicklow Hills is truly lovely.
  • The ‘Wicklow Way’ a marked hill walk starts in Shilleagh about 15 miles away.
  • Please ask us for more detailed information about walking here as there are a multitude of fantastic walks

We hope you enjoy walking and travelling in the beautiful area around us. If we can be of any help with any specific information please feel free to ask us. We are here to help.
Yours sincerely
Mary Colbert
Managing Director

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