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Wexford Opera Festival

Wexford OperaThe Wexford Opera Festival is takes place each year in October and November. Even those who are not opera lovers can revel in the mantle of musical magic assumed by the town during this Festival.


The Opera Festival produces three little known operas each year. The excellence of its productions since its inception in 1951 attracts the finest singers from around the world lured to Wexford by its superb productions and for young singers particularly the opportunity to shine on an international stage.

Our Opera Festival Package

For Opera Goers

At Wexford Beach Homes we can provide early supper for our guests before travelling to the Festival or have supper waiting when they arrive home. We are glad to arrange transport to Wexford and we have the Festival Programme, a CD of the operas and a programme of the Fringe Events waiting for our guests when they arrive.

For casual visitors and a little fun there is also the Fringe festival

The Fringe Festival

Wexford OperaThe Fringe Events Programme in Wexford is a rich musical feast of sacred music and choral concerts, jazz events and traditional and modern music sessions which take place throughout the whole day.

The core of the fringe events are the Scenes from the Opera which offer exciting extracts from operas usually lasting about an hour and typically held at midday. Freed from the rigours of a full operatic production the scenes are exuberant joyful productions full of life and energy. In a smaller setting than The Opera House they create an intimacy and immediacy between the audience and the cast.

The atmosphere of Wexford and chance meetings in the narrow streets offer the opportunity to congratulate the singers and share the joy of the performance just seen.

For our guests who would like to visit Wexford Festival during their October holiday we are glad to help with any additional information about what is happening in the town, the best place to watch the fireworks, give a tip for the horse races, suggest spooky and ghoulish events during the Halloween Holiday for the family and provide a baby sitter if parents would like to savour the night time atmosphere of the town on their own.

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